Asylum Injector Razor with V3 Handle

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The idea for the Asylum injector razor has been percolating since the summer of 2012 when I met with Larry Calderon (a product engineer) in a Pasadena IHOP restaurant. The goal was to produce a more nimble version of the Asylum Rx that took injector blades. The execution of the design proved more difficult than we anticipated so, the razor was put on the back burner for nearly ten years.

The Asylum Injector is produced using 316L stainless steel. It is a bit lighter than the Rx weighing in at 99g and the shave is ever so slightly milder than the Rx. Due to the smaller head, it is more nimble than the Rx and is an excellent choice for those with a goatee. The last two pictures show the the Asylum injector next to the Asylum Rx for perspective.

The V3 handle is very similar to the handle of the Rx but with slightly deeper knurling. 

Blades for the Asylum Injector can be found here

Approximate Dimensions:

Overall Weight: 99g

Handle Weight: 56g

Head Weight: 43g

Handle Length: 82mm

Product of United States


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