Styptic and Alum

  • Sal Practico Styptic Pencil (5g)

    Sal Practico Styptic Pencil (5g)

    You should always have a styptic pencil on hand -just in case. The Sal Practico styptic pencil stops bleeding fast and the plastic container makes it ideal for your Dopp bag and gym bag as well as your medicine cabinet. Grab a few -you never know when...

  • LEA Alum Block Cylinder (120g)

    LEA Alum Block Cylinder (120g)

    LEA Alum gives an invigorating and refreshing feeling for after shaving. The skin is immediately soft and smooth. Particularly suitable for sensitive and delicate skin. There is a "Styptic" effect which helps heal nicks and cuts from your shave. Simply...

  • SAL Styptic Matches (Pocket Size)

    SAL Styptic Matches (Pocket Size)

    SAL Mini Pocket Styptic Matches are a great way to get rid of shaving nicks and irritation. These specially designed styptic matches are made of potassium alum and are nifty one-time-use and disposable. Simple break one off and apply directly to the nik...

  • Proraso Styptic Gel

    Proraso Styptic Gel

    It is always a good idea to have some styptic handy -just in case. On the off chance that you do nick yourself, this will stop the bleeding quickly.Also known as Proraso Repair Gel. Product of Italy 10ml

  • Bloc Osma Alum

    Bloc Osma Alum

    Alum, a natural mineral found in Europe and used by the Egyptians more than 4,000 years ago, is a shaving essential for any well-groomed man. Its antiseptic properties calm razor burn and soothe irritations, and help stop bleeding in the event of a nick...