Shaving Creams

  • Original Talc Shaving Cream

    Mondial Original Talc Shaving Cream (150ml)

    A traditional solid shaving cream presented in a resealable aluminum tin with our irresistible and charming traditional Talc fragrance. Designed for use with a shaving brush to provide a gentle glide of the razor blade to avoid shaving irritation...

  • Florence Shaving Cream

    Mondial Florence Shaving Cream in Wood Bowl (140ml)

    A shaving cream in a traditional solid version according to our ancient recipe scented with the unforgettable Florence fragrance and presented in a wood lathering bowl. It is formulated with precious natural ingredients and no dyes or...

  • Zagara Cream

    Mondial Zagara (Orange Flower) Shaving Cream in Wood Bowl -140ml

    Zagara is a real elixir of pleasure. Extracted from orange and lemon flowers, it is a thick and lively fragrance, a mature and balanced petit grain brought into harmony with the euphoriant charm of jasmine flowers and a with a small note of very precious...

  • Bergamot & Neroli shaving cream

    Mondial Bergamot & Neroli Shaving Cream in Wood Bowl (140ml)

    The essence of bergamot is obtained by the squeezing of the unripe fruit. Its solar aroma is able to soften the emotional excesses, to encourage self confidence, to make the interior energy emerge and is an excellent elixir for an enthusiastic awakening...

  • Original Citrus shaving cream

    Mondial Original Citrus Shaving Cream -150ml

    Mondial Shaving Creams are hard creams (Semi-hard soaps) that lather easily and provide excellent skin conditioning.  The Original Citrus scent is perfect for the spring and summer. It has a lively fresh character with an attractive blend of citrus...

  • Mondial Balsamic Shaving Cream

    Mondial Balsamic Intense Shaving Cream (125ml)

    A traditional solid shaving cream in an invigorating minty fragrance presented in a 150ml jar. The 'Balsamic' formulation includes menthol derived from peppermint - whose use dates back over 2,000 years - to increase its appeal for sensitive skin and...

  • Mondial Sandalwood Cream

    Mondial Sandalwood Shaving Cream (150ml)

    A shaving cream in a traditional solid version according to Mondial's ancient recipe scented with a distinct fragrance of Sandalwood. This solid cream has excellent skin conditioning qualties and will leave your face soft and velvety. Product of...

  • Mondial Green Tobacco Shaving Cream

    Mondial Tobacco Verde Shaving Cream in Wood Bowl (140ml)

    This strong, energetic and comfortable fragrance is extracted from fermented tobacco leaves. The aroma of tobacco has got also a masculine glamour of sensual strength and with this particular woody and wild combination it gives attraction and charisma. A...

  • Wars Shaving Cream

    Wars Classic Cedar & Sandalwood Shaving Cream (65g)

    The iconic Wars Classic has been a favourite for generations due to its performance and invigorating Cedar & Sandalwoodfragrance. Made according to the traditional formula which includes coconut oil, the creamy lather perfectly softens the beard and...

  • Lindor Shaving Cream

    Lindor Classic Shaving Cream

    Provides an abundance of slick lather for an irritation free shave, with Lider’s classic citrus fragrance 65g Product of Poland

  • Bond Retro Shaving Cream

    Bond Retro Shaving Cream (100ml)

    Bond Shaving Creams are Polish classics. Bond Retro shaving cream creates an abundant lather that will soften your stubble and allow you to shave quickly and thoroughly. The cream contains birch and hops extracts along with moisturizing glycerin to help...

  • Bond Fresh Cream

    Bond Fresh Shaving Cream (100ml)

    Bond Shaving creams are Polish classics. Formulated with Aloe Leaf Juice and Glycerin. Fresh citrus fragrance. A concentrated cream, one tube will provide up to 80 shaves Product of Poland 100ml

  • Lavender Shaving Soap by Dr. Selby

    Dr. Selby Shaving Soap (125g)

    Although Dr. Selby advertises this as a triple concentrated shaving cream, it is actually a hard soap. Despite being a hard soap, it lathers very easily and produces a lather that is both slick and full of cushion. Presented in an elegant art deco style...

  • Dr. Selby Shaving Cream Tube

    Dr. Selby Shaving Cream (50g)

    Dr. Selby shaving creams have been created to achieve the perfect shave by adapting to the needs of every skin. With ample cushion to protect from possible irritation, its creamy formula softens the beard and allows superior glide of the razor blade on...

  • La Toja Shaving Cream in Tube

    La Toja Classic Shaving Cream

    The minerals contained in this very rich cream - taken from the La Toja spring water - cleanse and deeply hydrate your skin...enjoy one of the greatest shaves you will ever have! Product of Spain 150ml