Shaving Mugs and Bowls

  • ABB Lather Bowl

    Porcelain Shaving Bowl by Antiga Barbearia de Bairro

    Antiga Barbearia de Bairro comes through again with this beautiful porcelain shaving bowl. Material and specificationsPorcelainShaving bowl diameter: 8.3 cmHeight of the bowl: 3.3 cm Product of Portugal

  • Shaving Grail Bowl

    The Shaving Grail Bowl by Saponificio Varesino

    The Saponificio Varesino Shaving Grail Bowl, a two-pieces design with a detachable handle, has become an instant classic. The inner cup is finished with a “orange peel” lacquering in order to help incorporate the air in the soap lather. The...

  • Backroom Find -Small Bowl

    Small Wood Bowl

    When we had the Asylum Levante soap made, we also commisioned a company to make wood bowls for us. Somehow the measurements were not communicated correctly and we received bowls that were too small for the soap. I tucked the box of bowls away in the back...

    Was: $12.00
    Now: $6.00
  • Alder Wood Soap Bowl

    Saponificio Varesino Alder Wood Bowl

    Saponificio Varesino has brought back the popular Alder wood shaving bowl. The bowl has been re-designed slightly in order to fit the PET containers that Saponificio Varesino soaps come in. With a fire-branded lid, this bowl has been water-proofed to...

  • Ceramic bowl for shave soap

    D.R Harris Ceramic Shave Soap Bowl with Lid

    D.R. Harris does it again. This elegant ceramic shave soap bowl combines both form and function. It is the perfect fit for D.R. Harris shave soap refills and also accommodates a number of other soaps such as Asylum Flying Mango Shaving Soap. Product of...