• Fatip Grande in Nickel

    Fatip Grande Open Comb Razor in Nickel

    Fatip razors split the difference between economy and luxury razors. With a base metal of brass that is then generously plated, Fatips may not last multiple generations but, they can last a lifetime. All you have to do is look to the Gillette razors of...

  • Fatip Testina Gentile Razor

    Fatip Classic Testina Gentile Solid Bar in Chrome

    Fatip razors split the difference between economy and luxury razors. With a base metal of brass that is then generously plated in Chrome, Fatips may not last multiple generations but, they can last a lifetime. All you have to do is look to the Gillette...

  • Koke Aftershave

    Abbate Y La Mantia Koke Aftershave Splash

    Koke is the newest scent by Abbate Y La Mantia and will be released on June 15th. With as healthy dose of saffron, this aftershave is great for calming down irritated skin. The scent is a bit hard to describe but to my nose, it smells a bit like heavily...

  • Koke Shaving Soap

    Abbate Y La Mantia Koke Hard Soap (80g)

    Koke will be released on June 15th and is the newest release by Abbate Y La Mantia. Chock full of hemp seed oil and saffron, this shaving soap is great for the skin. Easy to lather and slick as can be, the scent is a bit hard to describe. To my nose, it...

  • Rockwell T2 Stainless Steel Razor

    Rockwell T2 Stainless Steel Adjustable Razor

    Featuring a twist-to-open mechanism and fluidly adjustable shave settings, the T2 in stainless steel is a luxurious, precision-crafted razor that can be treasured for a lifetime!  Features: Made from pure stainless steel, using a...

  • Fatip Zebrano Wood Razor

    Fatip Zebrano Wood Open Comb Razor

    Fatip razors are made in Italy and are a huge step up from Merkur or Edwin Jagger razors. Rather than using zamak as the base metal like most entry level double edge razors, Fatip uses brass like early Gillette razors used. Plated in Chrome, these razors...

  • Magnifico Shave Soap

    Abbate Y La Mantia Magnifico Hard Soap (80g)

    Notes: Almond, Peach, Neroli, Rose, Jasmine, Musk, Honey ✅Gives strong elasticity to the skin✅Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant✅Suitable for sensitive skinFragrance: FIORE DE'MEDICI / Camphorated, Floral, FruityCosmetic...

  • Magnifico aftershave splash

    Abbate Y La Mantia Magnifico Aftershave Splash (100ml)

    Alcoholic lotion with hypoallergenic fragrance✅Reconstitutes the hydrolipidic film✅Disinfects micro-abrasions created by shavingFragrance: Almond, Peach, Neroli, Green Rose, Jasmine, Musk.Cosmetic Elements: SaffronCapacity: 100ml / 3...

  • SdM Santal Donkey Milk Soap

    Savonniere du Moulin Shaving Soap -Santal

    Savonniere du Moulin is back at BullGoose! Santal is the newest scent at SdM and, it is excellent. Like most French scents, this one is very well done -simple yet sophisticated.   This Donkey Milk Shaving soap produces a wonderfully creamy lather...

  • ABB Lather Bowl

    Porcelain Shaving Bowl by Antiga Barbearia de Bairro

    Antiga Barbearia de Bairro comes through again with this beautiful porcelain shaving bowl. Material and specificationsPorcelainShaving bowl diameter: 8.3 cmHeight of the bowl: 3.3 cm Product of Portugal

  • Shaving Grail Bowl

    The Shaving Grail Bowl by Saponificio Varesino

    The Saponificio Varesino Shaving Grail Bowl, a two-pieces design with a detachable handle, has become an instant classic. The inner cup is finished with a “orange peel” lacquering in order to help incorporate the air in the soap lather. The...

  • Original Talc Shaving Cream

    Mondial Original Talc Shaving Cream (150ml)

    A traditional solid shaving cream presented in a resealable aluminum tin with our irresistible and charming traditional Talc fragrance. Designed for use with a shaving brush to provide a gentle glide of the razor blade to avoid shaving irritation...

  • Fixing Gel

    Daimon Barber Fixing Gel Pomade (100g)

    Daimon Barber's Fixing Gel is a water based hair pomade which offers a medium shine and a super strong hold to enable extreme styling and a hold that lasts all day. It is great for high and tight styles and for difficult to control hair...

  • Remedy Wax

    Daimon Barber Remedy Wax (100g)

    Daimon Barber's Remedy Wax is the most unique and versatile product in the range.  It is 100% Vegan and made from premium Natural Plant Wax. It can be used to add texture and control, as well as in classic styling situations. Its...

  • Classic Pommade

    Daimon Barber Classic Pomade (100g)

    Daimon Barber's Classic Pomade is an oil based pomade formulated with Avocado and Coconut Oils. These special oils nourish the scalp and keep the hair strong and healthy while Beeswax and Micro Wax are added...

  • Horn Tooth Comb

    Daimon Barber Double Tooth Horn Comb

    This double tooth comb has been artfully fashioned by hand from the finest natural cow horn. When cut and polished, the horn reveals it's unique and beautiful patterning, making no two pieces the same. These combs are made in England from ethically...