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Savonniere du Moulin Donkey Milk Soap in Ceramic Jar -Unscented (200g)

Savonniere du Moulin Donkey Milk Soap in Ceramic Jar -Unscented (200g)

$ 59.99
Savonniere du Moulin is back at BullGoose! This Donkey Milk Shaving soap produces a wonderfully creamy lather and has excellent post shave skin conditioning. Made by a mother and son team on their Donkey Farm in the French countryside, this is a world class soap that belongs in your shave cave. Grab some today. 
  • Donkey milk shavng soap
  • Made with 30% fresh organic donkey milk
  • Made with the farm's own honey
  • 99% natural ingredients
  • Minimum of 42% organic ingredients
  • Unscented
  • Never tested on animals
  • 200g of soap in an artisan made ceramic jar

Product of France

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Customer Reviews

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Joe K
Classic French Soap

Normally I like to use a shaving soap a few times before reviewing as dialing in the lather can take a bit of work. Not the case here, this soap loads easily into the brush, an AP Shave synthetic fan knot, and hydrates easily into a creamy and slick lather.

I really like the ceramic vessel the soap comes in. It's simple and understated, but adds character that a plastic tub doesn't. Points for that.

I easily worked the lather into what I'd call a whipped cream consistency (homemade, not the canned stuff) that provides plenty of slickness and cushion for a three pass face shave and 2 pass head shave with a Karve Overlander and Wizamet blade.

As far as scent...well, it's unscented, kind of. I had expected a smell of soap, and that's there, but I picked up a light honey scent, no doubt from the honey used in producing the soap. I'm not normally the type to buy unscented shaving soaps, it's my opinion that fragrance is part of the experience, but unscented honestly sounded more attractive than the other options. All that said, I'm quite pleased with this "unscented" soap.

To sum up: the soap is fantastic, and I love the presentation in the ceramic container. Simple elegance is how I'd describe it. You wouldn't buy this just for the soap as the 100g option is more cost efficient, but if aesthetics matter you might just go ahead and spend the extra $10.

Thumbs up to Phil. Not only does he stock some great items, his turn around times are second to none.

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