Three Amigos

  • Shield DE3 Razor

    Shield DE3 Razor in BCT Finish

    The DE3 is Shield's latest offering. This is the mildest Shield DE razor to date and had a comparable level of aggression to the Stomper.  CNC machined from titanium and then expertly coated with black Cerakote, this razor is perfect for those who...

  • Shield Evolution Artist Club razor

    Shield Evolution A/C Razor in BCT Finish

    Shield has updated their popular Evolution Artist Club razor with a BCT (Black Cerakoted Titanium) finish. Machined out of Titanium and then expertly finished in high quality black Cerakote, the Evolution is a featherweight of a razor weighing in at a...

  • Shield Stomper Half DE Razor

    Shield Stomper SE Razor (Half DE) in BCT

    Shield has updated their popular Shield Stomper razor with a BCT finish (Black Cerakoted Titanium). The Shield Stomper is a single edge razor that utilizes half of a DE blade. Just break a DE blade in two while its in the wax paper, load the blade and...