Hipsteria Black Charcoal Shaving Soap

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Hipsteria Black Shaving Cream Soap is a Shaving Cream soap with a high concentration of charcoal which promotes smoothness and protection during shaving. Ideal for hypersensitive skin for use with a shaving brush.

Hipsteria is an innovative and distinctive Italian brand created by Marco Balocchi, a well-known entrepreneur and part of the driving force behind Balocchi CAP Perfumeries of Pesaro. They have been a leader in Perfumery market since 1978. The name of the brand contains the word "Hip" because it was meant to be a modern and updated take on the men's grooming industry and it offers high quality products for the modern man. Hipsteria created fashionable products for the fashionable man, all the while paying close attention to practicality and quality.

Product of Italy


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