Introducing Faena Artisan Soaps

Introducing Faena Artisan Soaps

22nd Sep 2022

Faena soaps are handcrafted on the Greek island of Lesvos in a small artisan workshop that produces no more than 150 items per month.  It is a true artisan product that is a reflection of Greek culture. Greece, and in particular Lesvos, has a long history of soapmaking. In fact, there is a myth that Sappho, the ancient poettess from Lesvos, discovered soapmaking sometime around 600 BC. Greece was also home to many soap factories in the 1800's that produced soaps and exported them to France and Italy and nearly all families living on Lesvos have experience in making homemade olive oil based soaps

Fokion of Faena Soaps has been producing shaving soaps and aftershaves on the island of Lesvos for the last ten years using all natural ingredients. The soaps are known for their slickness and skin conditioning qualities while the balms are known for their efficiency and moisturizing (a 100ml jar will last a year with regular use). Both the shaving soaps and aftershaves come in wonderfully mesmerizing and creative scents such as:

  • Electron - Amber & Musk
  • Delicato - Amber & Bergamot essential oil
  • Philosoap - Tobacco & Vanilla 
  • Greek Skinos (Mastic tree resin gathered from Chios island
  • Esperia - essential oils of sicilian bergamot, sweet orange, mandarin, lemon 
  • Menthosycus - Mint and Greek Fig 

I highly recommend that you add a few of their soaps and aftershave balms to your shave cave. You will not regret it.