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Every shave should start with a Pre Shave. Baume.Be offers an excellently formulated Pre Shave Gel to soften and lift the hairs away from the face preparing your skin for razor contact. With a noticeable invigorating cooling effect as you apply, the Pre Shave Gel by Baume.Be will nourish and hydrate your skin before shaving and reduce irritation caused by razors.

Baume.Be Pre Shave Gel is formulated with natural ingredients such as Vitamin E and carrot oil for superior performance and lightly scented to start your day off fresh.

Baume.Be is the only full shaving line devoted to sensitive skin. All Baume.Be products have been designed and formulated to work for all skin types but specifically those who suffer from sensitivity to the other grooming products available today.

Paraben Free

50ml Black Glass Tub

Made in Belgium

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