Treet Platinum Super Stainless DE Blades

$1.79 - $14.50
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The Treet Platinum blade is a stainless steel PTFE and platinum coated blade that is sharp, smooth and durable. Product of Pakistan

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Treet Durasharp Razor Blades

Treet Durasharp DE Blades

These carbon steel blades from the Treet group in Pakistan are PTFE coated and get high marks from Wet Shaving enthusiasts for their sharpness and smoothness. Product of Pakistan

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Gillette Platinum DE Blades -Box of 50 Blades

Gillette Platinum DE Blades -Box of 50 Blades

We just received a shipment ofGillette Platinum DE bladesfrom the St. Petersburg plant in Russia. These blades are supposedly exactly the same as the legendary and vintage Gillette Swede blades that...

Feather Hi Stainless DE Blades

Feather Hi Stainless DE Blades

Feather Hi-Stainless DE blades are the sharpest blades currently on the market and are considered to be the Gold Standard by many wet shavers. Fits all Double Edge Razors.

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