Barbershop Classics

  • Barba Sana Marvelous Cream

    Barba Sana Marvelous Cream

    Barba Sana Marvelous cream is a must have for your medicine chest. It is an excellent pre-shave but also works wonders as a post shave treatment. Besides shaving though, it brings relief for chapped hands, sunburns, insect bites and more.  Multi...

  • Osage Rub aftershave

    Clubman Jeris Osage Rub (14 Ounces)

    Classic formula which is a brisk and refreshing menthol rub for face and scalp. Produced by iconic Pinaud Clubman, Jeris Osage Rub is an invigorating splash for head and face. Since 1810 in France, Pinaud has been creating fine men's toiletries...

  • Bay Rum Aftershave

    Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum

    As refreshing as an island breeze, Clubman Virgin Bay Rum is the essential all purpose fragrance. It is formulated with a unique blend of exotic spices and essence of Bay Tree. Not just an after shave, Pinaud Bay Rum instantly cools, refreshes and tones...

  • Clubman Aftershave -Tequilla Tease

    Clubman Reserve Tequila Tease Aftershave

    Invigorating and exciting, Clubman Tequila Tease aftershave creates crisp, sharp notes of effervescent lime and green leaves enriched with herbal and geranium notes of rose and lemon accents.  Ingredients Alcohol Denat., Water (Aqua, Eau), Fragrance...

  • Proraso Green Aftershave

    Proraso Green Aftershave 400ml

    Customers have been asking us to stock the 400ml bottles of Proraso. you are. Proraso Green aftershave splash is the cat's meow. It will tone your face and turn a good shave into a great shave! Try it today. Menthol and Eucalyptus formula...

  • Lucky Tiger Aftershave

    Lucky Tiger Aftershave and Face Tonic

    Lucky Tiger is classic American barbers brand that dates to 1935. This modern take on a classic after shave completes the cleansing and shaving process while soothing, toning and invigorating your skin. This tonic is formulated to deliver a wake-up call...

  • Arko shave stick

    Arko Shave Stick (75g)

    Arko is a wet shaving classic. Although inexpensive, Arko works like a charm.  Its as if you are visiting a Turkish barber.  75g Product of Turkey

  • Pitralon Classic Aftershave Splash

    Pitralon Classic Aftershave (100ml)

    Pitralon Classic aftershave is back at BullGoose. This aftershave has a clean, crisp, masculine scent with cedar wood as a top note. Use it to tone up your skin after a shave, and then put a splash of cologne on later and the Pitralon won't compete with...

  • Dennim Vintage Aftershave

    Denim Original Aftershave (100ml)

    Denim Original is a classic fragrance first introduced by Faberge in 1976. Denim aftershave immediately soothes the skin right after shaving and alleviates any discomfort. Once popular in North America, it was taken off the market here many years ago...

  • Hattric Aftershave

    Hattric Classic Aftershave

    Coming Soon Hattric Classic aftershave was introduced in the late 1960s. Since then, it has become indispensable and once you have tried Hâttric Classic, it will invariably become part of your daily grooming routine. An invigorating and...

  • Furbo Vintage Orange Shaving Soap (100ml)

    Furbo Vintage Orange Shaving Soap (100ml)

    From an old Italian recipe, Furbo is the perfect shave soap for hard beards and sensitive skin. The soap lathers easily and protects the skin from the razor blade. Scent: A warm embrace of amber, orange and powdery notes. The unmistakable fragrance with...

  • Furbo Pre-Shave Gel (200ml)

    Furbo Pre-Shave Gel (200ml)

    Furbo pre-shave gel is the best selling pre-shave gel in Italy. Born in 1978,Furbo pre shave gel uses a unique gelled alcohol that evaporates and adheres perfectly to the skin, leaving no oxygen between the skin and the blade. This gel is reactivated...

  • Furbo Smart Aftershave Splash (200ml)

    Furbo Smart Aftershave Splash (200ml)

    A Classic Italian barbershop scent with notes of lavender, bergamot and lily of the valley, Furbo Smart is reminiscent of Floid Sandolor. With a scent concentration of 4%, this aftershave has the staying power of a cologne. The scent is so clean and...

  • Furbo Aftershave Balm

    Furbo Repairing Aftershave Balm (100ml)

    Repairing aftershave balm with shea butter protects and nourishes the skin from post-shave irritation leaving it soft and hydrated. Suitable for all skin types. Product of Italy 100 ml

  • Furbo Vintage Orange Aftershave Splash (200ml)

    Furbo Vintage Orange Aftershave Splash (200ml)

    With a scent concentration of 4%, this aftershave has the staying power of a cologne. The scent is so clean and uplifting, you may need a second or a third bottle for the car and the office. Soothing and refreshing, Furbo Vintage Orange closes the pores...

  • Furbo Vintage Blu Aftershave Splash (200ml)

    Furbo Vintage Blu Aftershave Splash (200ml)

    Furbo Vintage Blu aftershave is the perfect warm weather aftershave. With a healthy dose of menthol (more than Floid Blue) it will cool your skin and bring sweet relief on those sweltering summer days. With a 4 % scent concentration, Furbo Vintage Blu...