Saponificio Varesino Morado Shaving Soap in Tin (4.3 Edition)


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Special Edition soap, created on the occasion of the Cosmoprof 2022 international fair.

The extract of Purple Corn (Morado) in combination with the characteristics of the 4.3 formulationand the addition ofmilk proteins, make this our latest creation the undisputed apex in terms of protection, smoothness and foam quality.

Scent Description

An intriguing, full-bodied and persistent masculine fragrance characterized by woody and amber notes. The top notes introduce the fragrance with citrus hints of bergamot and mandarin, which enhance the aromatic and spicy heart of lavender, mint and ginger. In the soft base notes, sandalwood, ambergris and oak moss are accompanied by the sweetness of vanilla and a slight hint of tobacco.

Product of Italy


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