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Gillette Platinum DE Blades -Box of 50 Blades

Gillette Platinum DE Blades -Box of 50 Blades

$ 22.00

We just received a shipment of Gillette Platinum DE blades from the St. Petersburg plant in Russia. These blades are supposedly exactly the same as the legendary and vintage Gillette Swede blades that you have heard so much about. 

The blades are incredibly sharp, smooth, comfortable and durable. They are probably a touch less sharp than Feather blades but -they are infinitely smoother and more durable. 

Sold in boxes of 50, these blades are hard to come by. Be sure to grab some while we can still get them. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Best blade for me

Even before I retired, I was in a habit of shaving every other day. Reds and Astra SP were my go-to blades with any DE. With a blade stash of 700, I figured I was set for life until Covid. In the past year, Covid, then the sale of our house of 20 years and move to an apartment, has disrupted all my routines including shaving. I now find myself shaving about once a week. Reds and Astra are just not up for the task. I needed a blade that was sharper, but since I usually shave after relaxing with a couple G&Ts, I need a forgiving blade. The"other" Gillette Platinum" blades were better than Reds and Astra, but still required too much touch-up. These BullGoose Platinum blades are ideal. Sharp with fewer touch-ups required, yet forgiving no matter how many G&Ts I've downed.

So far the best blade I have used

Only on the first blade but it is superlative in every way..close shave but no nicksand seems to last a long time. I have tried all others that I know of and this first blade is better than the rest..better than polisilver which was my favorite before this blade. Have used a variety of soaps to test it.

My stash

I’m a two and toss shaver and know that you shouldn’t stash more blades than you can use in your life expectancy plus forty years. Therefore I am quite comfortable with the 150 that I purchased. Speaking of comfort, these blades combine comfort with sharpness to the extent that they are, and probably will remain, my go to blade.

Top Notch Blade

I've been shaving DE for the past 8 years, and I'm an extreme shaving hobbyist, to boot. I've used nearly every DE razor and blade, no exaggeration. I hold over 12K blades in my personal stock, in case we face a DE apocalypse (he, he). Although I have stock in 8 or more brands, my favorite blades tend to be from Gillette. I'm very fond of Polsilver, 7 o'clock blacks and greens, Nacet, and Voskhod. I like smooth and sharp. Polsilver ranks my personal favorite for sharpness. Voskhod is just so smooth. These Gillette Swedes are the best of both worlds. I think I like them equally to the Polsilver. The Swedes get even better on the second shave. I'm sold on these. I'm stocking up on these for those special shave mornings in which I want to enjoy the shaving process and a favorite razor. Get these before you can't.

What America Used To Do

The Gillette Platinum is a perfect example of what once made America great: take a terrific idea and find a way to mass-produce it. I've been using Feather blades for over a year now. They are fantastic, but short-lived as the third shave is generally not a great experience, and, when fresh in your razor, Feathers prohibit a speedy shave--at least if you want to keep your blood inside your body. With the Gillette Platinums, I've been averaging three excellent and comfortable shaves per blade. Will be back for more, if they are available!

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