Kai Stainless Steel Double Edge Blades

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Kai Double Edge Razor Blades are ninja sharp. They are made from high quality, medical grade stainless steel and they provide the user with close and consistent shaves. Product of Japan.

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Proshave S A/C Blades -24 Blades per Pack

Proshave S A/C Blades -24 Blades per Pack

Platinum Coated Stainless Steel blades 50mm x 8mm size suitable for Feather Professional, Dorco Barber & Kai Captain razors as well as single edge razors such as The Asylum Rx, Cobra, General,...

Kai Captain Mild Artist Club Blades

Kai Captain Titan Mild Blades

The Kai Captain Titan Mild Blade is a very smooth and sharp blade that fits the Cobra Classic, Kai Straight Razors, and the upcoming Asylum Rx Single Edge Razor. The Titaniam coated blades are more...

Gillette Minora DE Blades

Gillette Minora Double Edge Blade (50 Blades)

Gillette Minora blades are known for being sharp,smooth, forgiving and hard to source. We were lucky enough to source 20,000 of these wonderful Russian made blades.  Just to give a little back...