• Classic Pommade

    Daimon Barber Classic Pomade (100g)

    Daimon Barber's Classic Pomade is an oil based pomade formulated with Avocado and Coconut Oils. These special oils nourish the scalp and keep the hair strong and healthy while Beeswax and Micro Wax are added...

  • Horn Tooth Comb

    Daimon Barber Double Tooth Horn Comb

    This double tooth comb has been artfully fashioned by hand from the finest natural cow horn. When cut and polished, the horn reveals it's unique and beautiful patterning, making no two pieces the same. These combs are made in England from ethically...

  • Backroom Find -Small Bowl

    Small Wood Bowl

    When we had the Asylum Levante soap made, we also commisioned a company to make wood bowls for us. Somehow the measurements were not communicated correctly and we received bowls that were too small for the soap. I tucked the box of bowls away in the back...

    Was: $12.00
    Now: $6.00
  • Original Talc Aftershave Splash

    Mondial Original Talc Aftershave Splash (100ml)

    A unique aftershave suitable for sensitive and regular skin types in our classic Original Talc fragrance. Its formula contains a Provitamin B5 complex to help skin retain moisture and provide brightness and elasticity to the skin as it protects...

  • Florence Aftershave Gel

    Mondial Florence Aftershave Gel (50ml)

    Highly moisturizing and soothing, it is enriched with substances of vegetable origin and gives the skin the right hydration. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and guarantees a pleasant feeling of well-being after daily shaving...

  • Florence Shaving Cream

    Mondial Florence Shaving Cream in Wood Bowl (140ml)

    A shaving cream in a traditional solid version according to our ancient recipe scented with the unforgettable Florence fragrance and presented in a wood lathering bowl. It is formulated with precious natural ingredients and no dyes or...

  • Zagara Cream

    Mondial Zagara (Orange Flower) Shaving Cream in Wood Bowl -140ml

    Zagara is a real elixir of pleasure. Extracted from orange and lemon flowers, it is a thick and lively fragrance, a mature and balanced petit grain brought into harmony with the euphoriant charm of jasmine flowers and a with a small note of very precious...

  • Bergamot & Neroli shaving cream

    Mondial Bergamot & Neroli Shaving Cream in Wood Bowl (140ml)

    The essence of bergamot is obtained by the squeezing of the unripe fruit. Its solar aroma is able to soften the emotional excesses, to encourage self confidence, to make the interior energy emerge and is an excellent elixir for an enthusiastic awakening...

  • Mergress Synthetic Brush

    Mergress Tuxedo Synthetic Fiber Brush

    Several years ago we toyed with the idea of producing Mergress Shaving brushes. We had a few prototypes made but for whatever reason, we never moved forward. This particular brush uses a Tuxedo synthetic knot that offers a soft face feel and good...

  • Henson Aggressive Razor in Box

    Henson AL13 Aggressive DE Razor in Grey

    The Henson AL13 Aggressive Razor puts an end to shaving irritation and cuts, while also making your skin feel comfortable and smooth. Created to give you a whole new shaving experience unlike any other, your skin will feel amazing...

  • Henson Razor with Box and blades

    Henson AL13 Mild DE Razor in Steel Blue

    The Henson AL13 Mild safety razor is extremely mild and I doubt that you could cut yourself if you tried. If you have sensitive skin and a relatively thin beard, this is the razor for you. Machined out of aluminum in Canada, this razor is a relative...

  • Rex Konsul Adjustable Slant

    Rex Supply Co Konsul Adjustable Slant DE Razor

    Rex Supply Co. presents “Konsul,” the only Adjustable Stainless Steel Slant Razor in the world. Designed for a lifetime of use and Made in the USA from marine grade stainless steel. The Konsul customizes your shaving...

  • Rex Sentry Slant

    Rex Supply Co. Sentry Slant

    Rex Supply Co. presents “Sentry,” your guardian of the perfect shave! Made in the USA from marine grade stainless steel and designed for a lifetime of use ensuring you're always armed with the perfect shave. The...

  • Pegasus in Two Band Finest Badger

    Semogue Pegasus C7 Two Band Finest Badger in Tortoise Shell Resin

    The Pegasus brushes represent a new chapter for Semogue featuring 26.5mm knots -the largest knot offering from Semogue ever. The Two Band Finest Badger version of the brush is the ultimate in luxury.  The unbleached two band finest hair conjurs up...

  • Pegasus Boar Bristle shaving brush

    Semogue Pegasus C7 Premium Boar in Tortoise Shell Resin

    The Semogue Pegasus brushes represent a new chapter for Semogue featuring 26.5mm knots -the largest knot offering from Semogue ever. The boar version of the brush uses a very premium white boar bristle that is sure to be a favorite. It will eat soap like...