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Mergress Adjustable Safety Razor

Mergress Adjustable Safety Razor

$ 132.00

The Mergress Adjustable Safety Razor has been an iconic razor since 2006. Eric (Mer) Maier, takes a Merkur Progress razor and improves upon it by adding a machined Stainless Steel adjustment knob, and a black adjustment dot while also calibrating the adjustment and smoothing out the action. It is a very smooth shaver that looks great while displayed in your shave cave and can be dialed in anywhere from mild to wild depending on your shaving preference and beard type.

Approximate Dimensions:

Total Length: 88mm

Handle Length (including knob): 72mm

Weight: 102g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Waiting on a fix

These are just my initial thoughts on the razor so far. The razor is beautiful looking and packaged very well. The new adjustment nob is also very well crafted and improved the overall look of the razor for sure. The nob adds some weight and operates very smoothly. It is also very easy to manipulate with wet/soapy fingers.

Now onto the negative, my Mergress has a definite blade alignment issue. I used it for one shave and didn’t get a bad shave by any means but one side of the razor was useless on a low setting for a final pass. It is due to the razor having a blade alignment problem. One side of the razor has significantly less blade exposure than the other and just doesn’t cut any hair on a low setting. That is a definite issue.

To go along with that, I did contact Phil at bullgoose about the issue and his customer service was exceptional as usual. Phil put me in touch with the creator of the Mergress and I sent my razor directly to him for a possible repair. I was told that if the issue can’t be fixed I will be getting sent a replacement. I sent my Mergress in late last week and I am just still waiting to hear what the next step is. Let it be noted that it has
NOT been that long I don’t believe the item has been received yet for repair. Also it is the holidays and everyone is busy as heck but I’m sure I will be hearing something soon. I also am not sure if the actual issue was caused by the modification or by Merkur’s manufacturing.

Overall, if the razor worked properly I’m sure I’d be giving 5 stars. Minus 1 star for an ok shave and another for the slight inconvenience/QC issue.

I will update once I receive my fix.

Marc Porwik

It is a very good and nice razor. First of all I tried several blades which one I prefer mostly....
Every one of us has a different beard and a different sensibility.

Very nice upgrade

I bought two of these as gifts for my sons. I personally like the longer handle and will get this in the long handle version.

Joe K.
Nice razor. Excellent customer service.

This is my first order with BG, but it won't be my last. Ordered on a Monday afternoon, had my order on Wednesday afternoon, pretty nice.

So, the razor. Not much I can add that hasn't been said. I don't typically care for adjustable razors, they just never quite work out for me. This has been my best adjustable experience so far, gave me a nice shave with minimal nicks, cuts or weepers.

The mechanism for adjustment is unconventional, but the add-on adjustment knob is nice and makes the set-up work well. I had no issues with the razor maintaining the setting I placed it on, as you'd expect.

One minor thing, I noticed after loading a blade that it wasn't aligned parallel to the safety bar, that was a simple matter of loosening the head and adjusting how the blade sits. But just something to be mindful of.

Overall I'm happy with the performance of the razor. I've never used a Merkur Progress before, so can't compare the two.

Sean Sylvia
Great Razor

Definitely calibrated smoother than the progress and adds weight. The only caveat is the extra weight makes the razor slip down if you are prone to slippage with the Roman Column style of razor handle and the Bakelite end is a little larger and provides extra grip the Mergress knob does not. So something to think about but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

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