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Arran Machrie Shave Stone and Soap (100g)

Arran Machrie Shave Stone and Soap (100g)

$ 40.00

Arran Shave Soaps are made in Scotland on the grounds of an old dairy farm for the historic Brodick Castle. The triple milled shave soaps are excellent with tons of cushion and glide and a refreshing scent. The bowls are simply stunning. Made from a stone resin, they look and feel like a stone you might find on the beach. Weighing in at 1.5 LBS, you will not want to drop this bowl on your toe.

Scent Profile

A crisp, clean mineral fresh fragrance, with notes of Lavandin and Origanum, blended with Ambergris heart, Mandarin, Myrrh, Clary sage and Patchouli.

Product of Scotland


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Francisco Riveiro
Perfect soap

Perfection is a very difficult thing to achieve, this soap is perfect in every category: Presentation, Scent and Performance. Is a soap worth trying, never regret of this purchase.

Dave Eisenhuth
Arran Machrie

A wonderful soap, and as per usual Phil and his staff are super!. The Machrie is great. As one of the owners of The Shaving Cadre Forum, I not only see, but review literally 100's if not 1000's of products from razors, to soaps and more. Arran tops right up there with some of the best, lather is very similar to Floris in building and consistency, and the strength of scent is wonderful. the aftershave balm was perfect as well, not to "lotiony" and emulsified quick and gave off a very nice fragrance to match the soap. Sadly the Machrie EdT was not available. I was able to source that elsewhere. Arran Soaps are a good value, and the "Pebble Bowl" sends it over the top and sets it apart from the rest. Thanks for carrying it Phil!
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Boris Bagdasarian
High quality

High quality thick lather , consistent from shave to shave.

Terry Wallace
Celt Shinty Ball

My ancestors would be proud of you. Finally found a use for the shinty ball filled with a lovely shave soap. Great shave with plenty of smoooooth lather & a fine scent. A Machrie scotch for a steady hand - no nicks, cuts or bumps using the Mergress on #3.
Mother Machrie approves. Go for it.

My New Favorite Soap

This soap reminds me of the vintage tallow Penhaligon soaps from yesteryear. Although these soaps do not contain any tallow, you would never know it. They lather easily and the lather they produce is simply wonderful. The bowls are very solid and something different from the wood bowls that high end soaps usually come in. The Machre scent is very well done. I am curious about the Lochranza and will likely pick it up later this week.

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