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Tatara Masamune Solid Bar Stainless Steel Razor

Tatara Masamune Solid Bar Stainless Steel Razor

$ 193.20

Tatara razors are lovingly machined from high grade stainless steel to very tight tolerances in Portugal. The razors are very smooth and efficient with minimal blade feel allowing the razor to give you a very smooth shave in two passes without a hint of harshness.

The balance of the razor is excellent and the handle feels naturally secure in your hand. Wet and soapy hands? Don't worry about it.

A matching shaving brush and ink well stand are sold separately. 

Product of Portugal

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tatar's Masamune

Very nice razor. Has a very balanced weight extremely efficient easy to move in tight places have use the razor with six different types of blades and pretty much the same results very smooth and a very nicely made razor

Great Razor

A very good razor and very well made. Has put my Timeless in timeout.

tatara razor

very good razor . one of two razors that can tame a new feather blade. ( the other being the Feather ASD2 )

Great razor

Very well made, solid razor, feels great in the hand, perfectly balanced.
Gave me a great shave with every blade I've used In it. My new daily driver. Would say I would give it a 5 on the agression scale. Very efficient. One of the best shavers I have. Highly recommend.

Tatara Masamune

You'll immediately see the excellent craftsmanship of this razor. The design and finished product is outstanding. Regarding aggressiveness this particular razor felt like a 4 on a scale of 1-10.
To me it's a mild and efficient razor only requiring two passes for BBS shave. I think you'll really enjoy this one !

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