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Solid Cologne UK-Quintin

Solid Cologne UK-Quintin

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As far as we can remember, fragrances have come bottled up. But a recent trend is revolving around again, something that the Ancient Egyptians introduced a long time ago, a solid, wax-based scent.

Solid Cologne uses the highest quality natural ingredients including Beeswax, Shea butter & Jojoba oil, which all support and protect the skin.

Each of our small pocket sized sliding tins have a certain aura about them, which will leave you feeling like a modern man.


Solid colognes are scents that are in solid state rather than the liquid form of mixed alcohol. It’s portable, natural, moisturizing and inexpensive!

They are long-lasting with a clean scent which is applied directly on to the skin. The scents are by no means overbearing. They are subtle but refreshing. They also last longer than liquid colognes, which tend to evaporate quickly. The blend of various notes within the solid colognes tends to stay on the skin which allows the fragrance to evolve throughout the day while interacting with your body temperature.

Scent Profile: Rich, Sweet,Oriental

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