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Seygus Zeppelin Stainless Steel Safety Razor -Aggressive Version (07)

Seygus Zeppelin Stainless Steel Safety Razor -Aggressive Version (07)

$ 240.00

The Zeppelin razor is the evolution of the double edge safety razor. Thanks to design innovation and technology, Seygus has developed a unique and exclusive head with innovative geometries. The "inverse smile" as well as other innovations increases the tension and grip of the razor blade which eliminates blade chatter and provides an extremely effective and smooth shave.

The razor is expertly machined from 316L Stainless steel in Spain to precise tolerances. While the 07 model is considered to be an aggressive razor, it is not harsh at all. It is highly efficient while still providing a smooth shaving experience. 

Approximate Dimensions:

Handle length: 90mm

Total Weight: 121g

Product of Spain

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sweet baby jgeezus!!

Craftsmanship is unmatched!! This thing shaves like a dream!! Don’t be put off by the “aggressive” name. It’s soo smooth and efficient! There’s a little blade feel but not intimidating at all! It’s nimble and you will go in cruise control once you start using it!

Awesome Razor!

This was the most aggressive of the Seygus Zeppelin razors but very smooth. It could have been a little more aggressive to my liking. It is made very well, very solid, finish was great. Great addition to my collection. BullGoose ships fast and a pleasure to deal with.

Great razor !

I loved this razor very much. It looks so beautiful and it’s good balanced. It’s so nice to hold it in the hands. And it lets really so wonderful shaving process.
Great razor !
Thank you so much for sending me this razor !

Seygus Zeppelin Review

The Seygus Zeppelin is crafted very well and appears to be as tough as a tank. The Zeppelin looks great and and has a nice balance to it. I prefer aggressive razor and find this razor to be about perfect. The shaving angle is a little different than most safety razors however it only took several shaves to adjust to it. I use Kai DE blades which are very sharp and durable and they paired well with this razor with the slightly curved profile. This is an aggressive razor that provides a very smooth and comfortable shave. I haven't experienced any nicks or weepers just a great shave. Well worth the price.

Smooth as Silk

I have been using my 07/07 Seygus Zeppelin razor for 10 days straight and, it has shot to the top of my razor collection. While the finish of the Seygus is not as nice as Wolfman or even Rocnel, it shaves circles around both of these revered brands. I like the razor so much that I am going to pick up the titanium version as soon as it is back in stock.

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