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Seygus Zeppelin Stainless Steel Razor -(05/05)

Seygus Zeppelin Stainless Steel Razor -(05/05)

$ 240.00

The Zeppelin razor is the evolution of the double edge safety razor. Thanks to design innovation and technology, Seygus has developed a unique and exclusive head with innovative geometries. The "inverse smile" as well as other innovations increases the tension and grip of the razor blade which eliminates blade chatter and provides an extremely effective and smooth shave.

The razor is expertly machined from 316L Stainless steel in Spain to precise tolerances. While the 05 model is considered to be a mild razor, it is not overly mild. Known for being an extremely smooth shaver, it can still easily deliver a BBS shave.

Approximate Dimensions:

Handle length: 90mm

Total Weight: 121g

Product of Spain

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
efficient and comfortable

Seygus Zeppelin efficiency is out of question. The comfort is a plus point that makes Seygus Zeppelin one of my favourite DE safety razors. I have been using it every other day for a month now, with different blades, and the result is alway the same. Complete satisfaction. Great stuff, really !

Roy Levine
Seygus Zeppelin

This is one of the smoothest razors I have ever used. It also is plenty efficient. It is ranked in my top 3 razors in my collection of many razors. It’s ease of use has me reaching for it the majority of the time. I do not like aggressive razors and this is a great mild efficient daily driver. The finish and looks of this razor is excellent.


This is by far one of the best razors I have ever used. I had to adjust my angle a little bit using it but once I figured that out it shaved great! It was like using a hot knife through butter. By far one of the best shaves I've ever had and this razor is definitely in my rotation!

jack goldman
Seygus Zeppelin Stainless mild razor is shaving perfection

The Seygus Zeppelin Stainless mild razor is shaving perfection. Out of the nicely made box, this razor looks good and feels good. Blade loading is simple, easy. The shave is perfection. I've been loving Feather AS-D2 until now. The Seygus brings mild to a new level of efficiency without any aggressive irritation. The razor cleans easily mid shave. To paraphrase the 1st review posted, " Looks like my other razors in my collection will be taking a break for now.

Seygus Zeppelin - Just Wow !!!

I recently purchased the Seygus Zeppelin (the mild version). Look like my other 20 razors in my collection will be taking a break for a now. The Zeppellin was used about 6 times with a black Gillette blade and it was always a Wonderful shave. Very smooth and efficient. I love it !!! The razor is just gorgeous and performs !!! I am very happy !!!

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