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Seygus SSS Razor Set (07/07 and 09/09) -Aggressive and Aggressive +

Seygus SSS Razor Set (07/07 and 09/09) -Aggressive and Aggressive +

$ 385.00

The Seygus SSS razor utilizes the innovative Zeppelin head design. The "inverse smile" as well as other innovations increases the tension and grip of the razor blade which eliminates blade chatter and provides an extremely effective and smooth shave.

The razor is expertly machined from 316L Stainless steel in Spain to precise tolerances. The razor set comes with two base plates -the 07/07 and the 09/09 so that you can pick the level of aggression to match the occasion and/or your mood. 

Approximate Dimensions:

Handle length: 95mm

Total Razor Weight: 130g

Handle Weight: 82g

Product of Spain

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rob Lobello
Second One

I have a Zeppelin Titanium 05/05 that I love as a clean up shave following a first pass with my straight razor. Was looking for something more aggressive to use when traveling or time is short. The 07/07 in this set is perfect for me and does a fantastic job with only one pass. I have not attempted to use the 09/09 yet as the 07 works great for me. Love the "inverse smile" of the Seygus razors and find they get all the problem areas of my face an neck with no added effort and without any discomfort. Love the longer, heavier handle of this model also.

Billy Shave
New design Seygus

Seygus Zepplins have always been unique . I have two of early design “ dual personality “ 05/07 and they have always been very well made and great shavers. I bought the SSS with two plates 07/09 tried both and actually prefer the most aggressive 09. Smooth , efficient , comfortable . This is a great razor of top notch quality fit and finish . A little expensive but worth it .

George G
Inverse Smile Design

Just when I thought there was no other way to clamp a DE blade you guys found one. The Seygus not only clamps the blade as if it was welded in place it flexes it into an "inverse smile" creating "better" contact for shaving. This morning I shaved with the "9" and as "aggressive" as it was it handled beautifully. Two passes granted me a BBS shave. Have some respect for this new design and it will treat you like royalty. Not for beginners.
Kudos for the new innovative design.

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