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Semogue SOC Premium Boar in Taj Resin

Semogue SOC Premium Boar in Taj Resin

$ 44.00

New model of the Owners Club Series in Premium Boar Bristle, Semogue Special Grade 90% Tops.

This brush is totally made by hand from start to finish. The handle is hand turned and sanded one by one by a skilled craftsman and the knot is hand tied.

Approximate Brush Dimensions

Knot Diameter 24mm
Loft: 55mmHandle Height: 57mmBristle: Semogue Premium Boar (90% Tops) Handle Material: Taj Resin

Product of Portugal.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Excellent Boar Brush

An excellent boar brush. Much more refined then the Semogue 820, I’ve been using for years. Still has a lot more back bone than a badger. A great brush to use for whipping up a lather. This is the boar brush to get.

Gary R
Semogue SOC Premium Boar in Taj Resin from BullGoose Review

Excellent shave brush in every way!
When properly broken in it feels like my top of the line Silvertip Badger.
And BullGoose provided outstanding customer service.

Jason M
Very nice...

Premium quality boar brush that performs like a badger brush. Especially effective with soaps and harder crops. Hefty handle and weight make it classy!

SOC Taj Boar

The LE boar is sold out, but this knot is very similar with soft tips even before broken in. If you're looking for a boar brush, this a great price for Semogue quality. Good size brush and would buy again.

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