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Savonniere du Moulin Shave Soap with Donkey Milk (100g) -Cedres et Anis

Savonniere du Moulin Shave Soap with Donkey Milk (100g) -Cedres et Anis

$ 25.00
Savonniere du Moulin is back at BullGoose! This Donkey Milk Shaving soap produces a wonderfully creamy lather and has excellent post shave skin conditioning. Made by a mother and son team on their Donkey Farm in the French countryside, this is a world class soap that belongs in your shave cave. Grab some today. 
  • Donkey milk shavng soap
  • Made with 30% fresh organic donkey milk
  • Made with the farm's own honey
  • Enriched with Bach flower
  • 99% natural ingredients
  • Minimum of 42% organic ingredients
  • Fragrant & delicate scent
  • Never tested on animals
  • 100g of soap in rustic wood packaging

Product of France

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Gwylym Cano
Smooth and Exquisite

The smell is enticingly delicate - far more delicate than other scented shave soaps - but it doesn't
cloy or linger. I wasn't sure I would like the anis but, like a truly fine Japanese incense,
this fragrances balance perfectly. As far as lather, it hits another platitude of smooth - and leaves
my skin (shaving my head with a DE) feeling better than any other soap I've tried. I highly recommend
this shave soap for the positive, skin-affirming smoothness and for its pleasing fragrance.

Francisco Riveiro
Beautiful shaving experience

Had time waiting for this soap to be available, and didn't missed the opportunity, this soap has a elegant and delicate anise scent, I didn't notice the cedar, but what makes this soap outstanding, is its amazing lather quality, protective, refreshing, and with a lot of glideness, a memorable shave, one to remember.

Mark Booth
Top Tier - Truly Unique and Exceptional Performance

Savonniere du Moulin is hand crafted from an actual donkey farm in France. I discovered Savonniere du Moulin about 6-years ago while visiting Paris and the sales representative said that he actually felt the shaving soap to be as good or better than Martin de Candre—so I indulged and actually bought both brands of soaps that day! MdC is certainly special, but so is Savonniere du Moulin in my opinion.

Savonniere du Moulin shaving soap is a softer soap than other hard soaps but seems to last well and it doesn’t take much to develop one of the creamiest and richest lathers you’ll ever find. There are different fragrances produced by the soap maker but this particular offering is what I would describe as a gentle-natural fragrance (like most French soaps) of natural anise and a powdery quality. The fragrance isn’t like most American soaps which error on being “too bold” and in your face with the fragrance profile— which I believe masks the finer nuances in a natural and herbal fragrance, which the French are known so well to achieve in their quest for artisan passions.

The donkey farm and soapmakers story:

To one’s surprise when the soap gets a little used there will appear a gorgeous honey-comb like pattern in the soap (very unique and distinct) truly a very appealing design (work of craftsmanship) built right into the soap. I spoke to the owner of Savonniere du Moulin via email and Laurence shared that the pattern is created through a special press and tool and die process as the soap is made and moulded. French artisans love to make things special and it’s discovered in these finer touches that this soap represents—small agri-business at its best!

The moisturizing and humectant qualities of this shaving soap have few equals—maybe the best of any soap I’ve tried over the years! The slickness is excellent and the lather is the creamiest you’ll probably ever find. This soap is both a world-class shaving soap and a skincare sensational choice!

I also bought the bath soap as a little gift for my wife—which she loves!

I am very thankful to Phil at Bull Goose Shaving for his willingness to procure this artisan soap gem from France. I’m about to buy another one for myself and for a special gift—the craft packaging makes a sensational gift idea by the way!

Steve H
Savonniere du Moulin Cedres et Anis

I am a long-time fan of this soap, it’s simply one of the best shaving soaps ever made. AFAIK, they’ve made an original (soapy) scent, Tempete (quite a nice wet woods scent), unscented, and this one, the Cedres et Anis. I am not a big fan of the anis scent, so I’m airing it out, but the soap is incredibly good.

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