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Rocnel 2021 Sailor Series Adjustable Razor

Rocnel 2021 Sailor Series Adjustable Razor

$ 489.00

The Rocnel Sailor Series Adjustable razor traces its origins back to the collaboration between Murat of Rocnel razors and Hasan Kose of Barbaros razors back in 2016. It was the first machined stainless steel adjustable razor on the market and, it was an instant classic.

Shortly after the release of the B&R adjustable, Hasan took a few years off from manufacturing razors for personal reasons. Murat carried the torch for the adjustable razor, refined and altered the design, and then released the first Sailor Series adjustable razor in February of 2018.

Now, over three years later, Murat has further refined the Sailor Series adjustable razor. The 2021 Limited Edition Sailor Series Razor will weigh in at a slimmed down 136g and will have an 75mm handle. The adjustment mechanism is a continuous adjustment (no set clicks) so that you can dial it into the exact level of aggression that you desire. It is marked with an M and an A (for aggressive and mild) so that you can get your bearings but in reality, you can actually go two full turns past A if you are feeling especially adventurous. 

Machined out of 316L Stainless Steel, the Sailor Series razor actually consists of 10 Separate machined parts. The machining is excellent and, the razor is built to last a lifetime. Only 100 Sailor Series razors of this design will be made.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Billy Shave
The newest Sailor

I have used the 2019 previous Sailor model for some time and still love it . I was very excited to get the latest 2021 to compare between the two . First and foremost the shave performance is outstanding . The new design is beautiful and improved . The fit and finish are the best of any razor . The handle is shorter with improved adjustment knob . The top cap redesign looks awesome although I'm not sure it really makes any difference in the shave. The only thing I don't like on this new model is the handle grip . It has simple cris cross lines , very shallow that provide no useful grip when wet . The 2019 model has machined overlapping and undercut scallops that really work by slightly digging into your finger print providing outstanding grip wet or dry . A important point when you are wielding a razor with adjustability that can go beyond the outer limits of safety. Very pleased overall with this 2021 model that gives outstanding , comfortable non irritating shave .

2021 Rocnel Sailor Adjustable

This is an outstanding razor. The workmanship is impeccable. The shaves I get are close and smooth. The Rocnel has replaced the other adjustables in my rotation. I have used every setting and find the aggressiveness suitable. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

Barry Levy
Learning curve

Apparently I attack my growth from a very vertical angle. With the beautifully made Rocknel sailor the most critical point is finding the correct angle. One MUST start from a perpendicular point riding the top gradually down. I foolishly started from my go to angle and instantly drew blood. Once you get the angle it will produce a beautiful close shave.

Lawrence Bankston
Worth The Price

This is an excellent though expensive razor. With the ability to dial in the appropriate level of aggression one is able achieve close and very smooth shaves. It is very attractive and easy to handle. I am very happy with the purchase.

Marius U.
Simply Marvelous

The Rocnel Sailor 2021 has impeccable craftsmanship, a unique look, and an almost limitless range of adjustment/efficiency. My sweet spot is 5-4-3, sensational shaves with Fabulous results every time. The RS21 glides smoothly across the contours of my face and effortlessly slices through the hair.
Results are a very close BBS shave.
My skin feels very smooth afterwards.

The Rocnel Sailor 2021 asserts confidence, is measured and calm, while having his own unique, authentic style. It’s the best adjustable on the market in my humble opinion.

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