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Myrsol Emulsion Pre/Post Lotion

Myrsol Emulsion Pre/Post Lotion

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Myrsol Emulsion is kind of a wonder product. It is alcohol free with a light scent and works great as either a post shave treatment or as a pre-shave treatment. It is light and non-greasy with just a touch of menthol. 180ml Product of Spain



Ingredients:  Aqua, Stearic Acid, Triethanolamine, Lanolin, Glycerin, Sodium Methylparaben, Menthol, Parfum

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dave Sparks
Great Pre Shave

Love using as a pre shave. Subtle smell,nice. Better than oils. Can use as a post shave balm as well. 5 stars.

Terry M
Myrsol "Wonder" Lotion

This is really great for MY skin, haven't tried as a preshave yet but boy does it work as an aftershave soothing lotion. I've used Myrsol Formula C and Plastic aftershave, both fantastic products for me. So I decided to give the Emulsion a try and I'm glad I did. This is balm like, not runny but not thick either, kind of in between if that makes sense. A nice easy fragrance, smells great. Makes my skin feel wonderful, not greasy or gummy and absorbs quickly. I can recommend this wholeheartedly for those folks that get a dry, irritated feeling after a shave. Only used a few times so far, but the experience was stellar. As always BullGoose is number one in customer satisfaction.

Just Great!

If your into "alcohol free" after-shave lotions, you owe it to your self to try the Myrsol Emulsion. I enjoy all the Myrsol products, but this one tops my list. It feels good and smells great. I can't find anything not to like about this product. Can easily recommend this. Can't find a better place to buy this then from Bullgoose. Exceptional customer service. You can't beat em!

Mmm mmm, good!

Firstly wow, this arrived much faster than I thought it would - probably about 2 business days which even most Amazon Prime purchases I’ve had lately have been taking a week. Now, I’m a designer, so visually drawn to all Myrsol pre/aftershaves, the glass bottle shape, the label design, the cap design, the colors - and I trust the ingredients - I’ve 5 Myrsol “flavors” BUT Anyway,
I used Emulsion earlier today because after my shave I used another artisan aftershave/cologne but my face was feeling dry and rough shortly after my shave; either because of the ingredients of that new aftershave or the weather - but it’s been humid lately. Anyway, so I applied some Emulsion afterward probably over 4 hours ago and my face still feels freshly soft and smooth. The scent was nice and nuanced, hard to explain, subtle and not strong and fleeting - which is GREAT because I could then wear any fragrance I wanted before walking out the door. Awesome stuff. The feel of Emulsion was similar to Proraso balm and the consistency as well.. maybe just a little firmer than Proraso, so it doesn’t pour out of the bottle.

Jim Ray
Myrsol Emulsion

Love this concoction! I have tried a few Myrsol products and use the Antesol in the Winter and the Blue in the summer, on occasion. BUT, I use Emulsion every day as my pre-shave. I like that it is not greasy like many of the pre-shave oils but provides some initial slickness before I lather up. I've used it as an aftershave as well, but normally like something with a little fragrance. Highly recommended!

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