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Kent MG3 Military Style Hairbrush

Kent MG3 Military Style Hairbrush

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A gentleman should own a nice hairbrush and the Kent MG3 definitely fits the bill.  The Kent brush company has been making hairbrushes since 1777 and they know a thing or two about making a quality hairbrush. The pure bristle brush features white hairs that are tightly packed into a beech wood handle. The bristles are perfect for brushing all hair types, along with beards and moustaches.  Natural bristle has many benefits over the cheap nylon counterparts such as adding moisture back into the hair. The Kent MG3 comes in a gorgeous display box and works perfectly as a gift for any occasion.

Approximate Dimensions:

Length: 120mm (4.72 inches)

Width: 70mm (2.76 inches)

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