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H.L. Thater Synthetic Badger Shaving Brush -Butterscotch

H.L. Thater Synthetic Badger Shaving Brush -Butterscotch

$ 75.00

H.L. Thater recently developed a synthetic brush and, we are the first shop in the United States to stock them. The knots are very well made with a cloud soft face feel. They gin up lather much more quickly than a badger knot and, they give it up readily. This is a great brush to add variety to your quiver of brushes and, it would make an outstanding travel brush. 

Approximate Brush Dimensions:

Knot Diameter: 27mm

Loft: 59mm

Overall Height: 105mm

 Product of Germany

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joseph M. Petrasek
Shaving Brush

Great brush. Very soft. Lathers very well. Holds its shape and did not lose a single hair. Very well constructed.

Martin Rubin
It's Different

Shave stuff is so subjective its hard to review but let me take a shot: I only use synthetics because I shave in the shower and the naturals get to stink and the synthetics don't so its not a save the planet thing. My favorite has always been the Muhle, the Plission is nice but not enough backbone but this one is right between them both more backbone than the Muhle but soft tips and a very nice dense knot. These may edge out my Muhle's time will tell but really nice brush and a reasonable price. I should also mention I bought the wood handle as well great feel in the hand

Richard G.
Thater's take on a synthetic

Build quality is great. Density is fine. Lots of backbone. Tips are soft but project a faint 'scritch' when lathering which I enjoy. Backbone is great for harder soaps as it will build lather quickly.Handle design is the typical 4125 shape and as it is a 27 mm. knot it fits nicely in the hand. If I had to compare it to another synthetic it would be the now discontinued Edwin Jagger XL knot with a bit more firmness. Overall a good addition to my den.

Thater synthetic

The quality of the brush is fantastic. This is a very dense brush with significant backbone and nice soft tips. It works great with soaps and creams. It's firmness really works well with soaps. It builds and hold a lot of lather. On a side not, the handle looks good and fits well with one's fingers. Overall, really happy with this brush and would definitely recommend it. It is just as good as any badger brush that I've used.

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