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Gentleman's Nod Zaharoff Signature Shave Soap

Gentleman's Nod Zaharoff Signature Shave Soap

$ 29.00

Description from the Artisan

With our new Cardinal base we worked hard to improve the slickness, post-shave feel, and lather structure of our popular red label (Legends) base. Through the introduction of process improvements as well as the addition of milks, proteins and skin care ingredients we believe we have succeeded in this endeavor. Our quest for improvement in what we do, is evident in this new base.

In developing products to offer in the Zaharoff Signature fragrance, we had to uphold the same level of quality and attention to detail as George himself has taken with his brand. In order to do this, we worked directly with the lab so that they could ensure the fragrance would find the rich depth, clarity, and performance people have come to know and appreciate. We have also gone to great lengths to ensure that the product performance is top notch and what people have come to expect from us.

Scent Profile

Top Note

Fresh Cardamom (Guatemala), Lavender (So. France), Black Pepper, Juicy Pear, Blue Cypress (Provence)

Heart Note, Mid-Note

Ginger Roots (India), Blonde Cedar (Virgina), Temple Oud (Indonesia), Iris (Florentine), Pimento Leaves (Jamaica), Fir Balsam (Canada)

Bottom Note, Dry

Creamy Sandalwood (Australia), Gold Patchouli (Indonesia), Black Amber, Myrrh, Frankincense (Ethiopia)

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Customer Reviews

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A Truly Exceptional Soap

I am glad that I took a flier on the Gentleman's Nod soap. I am generally leery of artisan soaps. While some of them perform admirably if not remarkably, most smell like they were scented by an amateur candle maker. Gentleman's Nod dispels all of these stereotypes of U.S. Artisan soaps. First lets talk about performance. The Cardinal soap base is every bit as slick and cushioning as Cold River Soap Works Glide Base but, the efficacy is 10 times better. I have been using the soap every day for a month and, it looks like I will be able to go another 2 months or more of daily shaves before running out. By partnering with a professional perfumer (Zaharoff in this case) the scent is exceptional. I am looking forward to the upcoming releases of Sir Winston (Blenheim Bouquet Type Scent) and Sir Arthur (Classic Fougere) as they too will be scented by a professional perfume house.

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