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Floid Blue Aftershave Lotion, 400ml

Floid Blue Aftershave Lotion, 400ml

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Floid Blue aftershave is an Italian Barbershop classic that stands the test of time. Floid Blue seems to have a mystical power to turn a decent shave into a BBS shave. It soothes, tones and cools (due to the menthol content) and has a very clean scent. Never cloying and always welcomed...rumors of its demise were overstated. At 400ML and in a thick apothecary bottle, this bottle will last you a long time. You will enjoy every minute. 400ml

 Note the production of this aftershave is in Spain, but the product is normally sold in Italy.  It's the same formula they used when making it in Italy, but that production facility is now closed.


SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS: Due to this product's alcohol content, it cannot be shipped outside of the United States. If you are an international customer, this item will be refunded and will not be shipped. I am sorry for any inconvenience

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