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Feather Hi Stainless DE Blades

Feather Hi Stainless DE Blades

$ 5.00

Feather Hi-Stainless DE blades are the sharpest blades currently on the market and are considered to be the Gold Standard by many wet shavers. Fits all Double Edge Razors.

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Customer Reviews

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Wayne J

I tried Feathers years ago when I first took up wet shaving. It didn't go well. Every time I used them, mega irritation was the result. I recently gave them a try, and the results were great. I guess my shaving and lathering skills improved. I timidly used them in my milder razors before putting them in my Tradere Open Comb, and Merkur Slant. Again, the results were great. The whiskers don't stand a chance.

Feathers Are Harsh and Degrade Quickly

I am always amazed at the universal love that Feathers seem to receive. I think they suck! They start off very harsh, mellow out for at best one shave, and then become what feels to me like the lid of a soup can. They are way too expensive to be able to only get one decent shave. If you want a sharp blade that is also extremely smooth and durable (6 shaves per blade easily), buy the Gillette Platinum blades instead.

Angelo Chambrone

I love these blades. I am very happy with my purchase. Almost going ten years strong with this company

Best Blade

My beard is very heavy. The Feather Blades are the sharpest smooth shaving blades I have ever used. Give them a bit of respect and they will reward you with the best possible shave.

Parker Phillips
Feather blades

Awesome blades, great price, quick shipment, immaculate condition. No complaints

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