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Epsilon Blue Aftershave -400ml

Epsilon Blue Aftershave -400ml

$ 23.00

If you are a fan of the old Floid Blue, we have some very good news for you. While Floid Blue may have been discontinued, Epsilon has made an exact reproduction. Everything from the scent, to the face feel to the iconic glass bottle is the same.

Just like Floid Blue, Epsilon Blue seems to have a mystical power to turn a decent shave into a BBS shave. It soothes, tones and cools (due to the menthol content) and has a very clean scent. Never cloying and always welcomed. At 400ML and in a thick apothecary bottle, this bottle will last you a long time. You will enjoy every minute.

Product of Spain


Due to the weight and the limited supply, there is a limit of two bottles per order.

 SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS: Due to this product's alcohol content, it cannot be shipped outside of the United States. If you are an international customer, this item will be refunded and will not be shipped. I am sorry for any inconvenience


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Pairs Well

I like to pair this with my Boellis as a nice splash that lingers just long enough. A clean and fresh finish to a great shave, highly recommended.

Edward P.
Unexpectedly refreshing

I'm not much of an aftershave guy, mostly sticking with Aqua Velva or usually nothing. But Epsilon is far beyond my expectations. Ordered it due to its similarity to the fabled Floid Blue. Incredible stuff. Great scent, zero burn, and a happy face.

john in north carolina
the new blue

i gave this stuff 5 stars because the price is so darned good and the splash is great with a very nice scent and leaves the skin feeling nice. i won't compare it to floid blue i dont need too as this is a very good stand alone product that doesn't need to play second fiddle to another. it is just a good product. subjective as always after all everything there is about shaving is that way. my rose may be your skunk but i will enjoy it anyhoo! john in north carolina

Amazing scent!

Epsilon Blue Mediterranean after shave splash is my new favorite. It's a refreshing marine scent to me, like the ocean. It brings back all those fond beach time memories in the most positive way. Quick delivery and an awesome product! Thanks Bullgoose!

Dan S.

Good stuff and delivered rapidly!

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