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Caswell-Massey Heritage Shave Soap -Number Six (150g)

Caswell-Massey Heritage Shave Soap -Number Six (150g)

$ 34.00

The new Heritage Shave soaps are excellent. They blend the classic Caswell-Massey scents that are steeped in tradition with modern artisan soap making.  The result is stunning...soaps that easily produce rich and slick lather but that have sophisticated well formulated scents. Its a marriage made in heaven. 

Our Number Six Shave Soap receives its fragrance from the same exquisite botanical oils from Caswell-Massey's historic Number Six fragrance, first created in 1772 by Caswell-Massey. With beautiful opening notes of citrus, neroli, bergamot & rosemary, you’ll soon understand why President George Washington selected our Number Six as his preferred fragrance, especially as the character-building amber influence arises on the dry-down to rose, musk, and myrrh. Quite frankly, your morning ritual deserves the presidential treatment.


  • Coconut oil to reduce inflammation aided by natural antimicrobial properties
  • High concentration of vegetable-based glycerin provides superior skin hydration, especially important when used with safety razors
  • Coconut oil and glycerin combine to add stability for creation of dense lather
  • Concentrated formula allows our shave soaps to last longer than shave creams


  • 150g soap
  • Premium resealable tin 
  • No parabens, sulfates, or phthalates
  • Cruelty free
  • Made in the USA

The natural ingredients in this shaving cream can be affected by extreme temperatures, and excessive heat during shipping or travel can cause the product to liquify. Place product in a cool location to solidify. This does not affect performance.

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Customer Reviews

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Now I understand why George liked it.

I've looked at C-M's shave soaps from afar for quite a while now. Always found myself backing off primarily because the description of the soap was basically "George Washington used and liked it". George is a good reference, but I was always hoping for more detail. Finally when BullGoose added the line I pulled the trigger (haven't bought anything I didn't like from them). The soap is great. It lathers well and gives me a great shave. The scent is terrific too. I can't describe it (I'm terrible at describing how something smells). It is a subtle masculine scent. It is not perfumy like many florals and it is not spicy (think Blenheim Bouquet, 4711, Cuba). I think I detect a very slight citrus top to it, but after that nothing I can identify. I do like it and even went back and got a bottle of the after shave. George was right!

Awesome Shaving Soap

Fantastic Soap, good, masculine scent, best performance, i love it :-) Fast shipping to germany

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