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BullGoose Deluxe DE Blade Sample Pack (11 brands-66 blades)

BullGoose Deluxe DE Blade Sample Pack (11 brands-65 blades)

$ 28.00
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The BullGoose Deluxe DE Blade Sample Pack offers a huge selection of blades which maximizes a new wet shavers probability of finding his or her best blade. The Deluxe sample pack includes 11 different brands with no multiple packs of any brand for a grand total of 66 blades. You will receive the following:

Personna Platinum (Red IP) -10 Pack

Astra Superior Stainless (5 Blades)

Lord Platinum Class -5 Pack

Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdge -5 Pack 

Astra Superior Platinum - 5 Pack

Derby Extra -5 Pack

Feather Hi-Stainless - 10 Pack

Supermax Super Platinum - 5 Pack

Shark Super Chrome -5 Pack

Wilkinson Sword Classic - 5 Pack 

Gillette Silver Blue-5 pack

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