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Asylum McMurphy in Polished 17-4 Stainless

Asylum McMurphy in Polished 17-4 Stainless

$ 269.95

The McMurphy in 17-4 stainless steel has minimal blade exposure. As a result, it feels really mild and there is virtually no chance of cutting yourself. That said, in actuality, it is fairly efficient and really excels at the against the grain pass. The razor works best when you ride the cap and maintain a relatively steep shave angle. Once you find the angle, it is extremely smooth and efficient. Its the perfect daily driver.

This version of the McMurphy has been hand polished to a high finish. 

Approximate specs:

Overall Weight: 102g

Handle Weight 64g

Handle Length: 80mm

Material: 17-4 Stainless Steel

Machining: Huntington Beach, California

Engraving: Brea, California

Polishing: South El Monte, CA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Excellent razor

This razor is great. Loaded a new Feather to remove three days of growth with a three pass shave. it had no problems removing the growth it was a smooth and comfortable shave. Cruise control from beginning to end. Excellent razor well worth the price.

Anthony Merola
Ultra smooth shave

This thing is a beautifully finished, polished, well balanced work of art. The blade gap is perfect for a three-pass shave experience. The razor literally glides by itself, due to its weight and balance. What a wonderful experience and a treat to use. Great work, everyone!

luke jodoin

I was really pleasantly surprised by this one. I almost didn’t buy it because I was afraid it would be too mild. I honestly wouldn’t even consider this extremely mild, more like extremely dialed in and beautifully efficient. I put a feather blade in based on the mild description and it was perfect!!! It has awesome audible feedback I wasn’t expecting that and it helped me to find the shave angle immediately. Man, I’m really happy I picked this one up! #22

Bob Attorri
Clearly the nicest razor I have ever owned

As a long time DE blade shaver, I have been through many razors. The Asylum is a very special treat and worth the premium. As soon as you hold it, you can tell it that it is a beautiful crafted and precisely engineered piece of personal equipment. The hold and feel of it is a completely different experience from that of my other high-quality razors, and it shaves like no other razor I have ever used. It provides a genuinely unique shave.

Earl DeHart
Smooth Razor!

I don't write an abundance of reviews but I thought I would convey a few words about the Asylum McMurphy. The workmanship is top notch and polished very well. I've only used it twice so far but both times have been extremely smooth with no irritation. I personally like aggressive or highly efficient razors however if you follow Phil's advice and ride the top cap a little there is a definite sweet spot. I put a new Feather blade in it today and was able to go ATG on the neck easier and more efficient than most razors. This razor is made in the U.S.A. and will look good in any collection. Thanks BullGoose for a job well done!

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