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Alpha Outlaw Stainless Steel Safety Razor

Alpha Outlaw Stainless Steel Safety Razor

$ 139.99

The long anticipated Alpha Outlaw Safety Razor is finally here. These razors were designed by a mechanical engineer and then machined out of 316 stainless steel.  The fit and finish on these razors is excellent while the shave can be characterized as moderately aggressive while still being exceedingly smooth. 

Weighing in at 108g and with an 85mm handle, the razor is appropriately substantial without being overly heavy. The Outlaw is compatible with all standard double edge blades but, it really sings with Kai blades

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Amazing Quality and Detail

This is a beautiful razor with amazing detail and quality. The handle is very hefty with amazing grip. It is a bit aggressive for me, but I’m new to wet shaving and working my technique and blade pairing. This razor makes me want to get better so I can use it regularly.

Alpha Outlaw Razor

Great Razor. Good craftsmanship. Bullgoose service was excellent.

Power and Precision

....not very aggressive. A medium rating, in my opinion, related to aggressiveness. Superb craftsmanship in an elegant stainless steel finish. A solid weight, easy to hold and manipulate for control during the shave. 2 pass shave, with a few touch ups and you are done. I have an adjustable Rockwell Model T. The Outlaw is superior.

Outstanding Razor!

This is a lot of razor for the money. The finish is outstanding! It shaves very smooth and on the aggressive side which I like. No complaints here! It shipped fast and Phil was great to deal with.

Alpha Outlaw

I don't want to sound like a snob , but I have to tell it like it is . I have a extensive collection of expensive razors , some I consider outstanding some not worth the money . This Alpha is half the price of most stainless razors . For the cost it is very well made and finished . The shave quality is very good and comfortable . The only possible negative I would have to point to is that the top cap does not align the blade to the base because it has a lose tolerance so the blade can be shifted out of screw , at least on mine . Once aligned and the handle locked down it works as it should and gives a nice shave .

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