Heinrich L. Thater 4125 Black Shaving Brush with Fan Knot in Two-Band Super

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The Heinrich L. Thater Shaving Brush company has been making shaving brushes by hand since 1913 and are considered among the best brushes that you can buy. Their two band super badger brushes combine a strong back bone with velvety soft tips yielding a scrubby brush without being scritchy. They work well with both hard soaps and soft creams. The 4125 model has an octagonal resin handle that is very ergonomic. It comes in 4 sizes.

  • Size 1 -24mm Knot diameter, 52mm Loft, 98mm Overall Height
  • Size 2 -26mm Knot Diameter, 55mm Loft, 100mm Overall Height
  • Size 3 -28mm Knot Diameter, 55mm Loft, 105mm Overall Height
  • Size 4 -30mm Knot Diameter, 58mm Loft, 116 Overall Height

Product of Germany

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