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Asylum Rx Single Edge Razor -Made in the USA

Asylum Rx Single Edge Razor -Made in the USA

$ 230.00

The Asylum Rx Single Edge Razor was designed exclusively for BullGoose Shaving by a product engineer in Los Angeles, Ca. The razor was designed to be nimble, well balanced, highly efficient and consistent -partly attributable to the low profile head and the tongue and groove design that secures the blade and allows the two pieces of the head to slide together elegantly.

The razor is machined out of a solid block of 303 stainless steel to extremely tight tolerances in the heartland of the United States. If you are looking for a razor that can give you a BBS shave in two passes and without irritation, this is your candidate.

The Asylum Rx is designed to be used with the following blades: Kai Titan Mild, Kai Titan Mild with Guard, Kai Titan Original, Feather Professional and Feather Pro-Guard. Blade changing is so easy that you do not even have to take the razor apart.

Approximate Dimensions:

Total Length: 110mm

Handle Length: 83mm

Total Weight: 112g

Handle Weight: 58.9g

Head Weight: 52.9g


Product of the United States of America



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Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
George G
Asylum Rx (Polished Stainless)

I've been waiting a long time to finally find this polished beauty. An online vendor had a new one in a box taking up space. The CNC machining tolerances couldn't be better! What a fabulous innovative design. Using a Feather Pro Guard the Rx puts this razor in a class all buy itself. WTG just about gets it all. ATG just because it's fun to use. Nicely weighted, good grip and handles like a fine car!
Thanks to the design team.
George G.

Andrew Ward
One year update.

I have had my RX for a year and continue to be super impressed. For a month on holiday in Italy I had to take a double edge razor because of the rules about carry-on luggage and razor blades. I was miserable the whole time, missing my RX. People talk about angle, but I've never even thought about it. As Nike says "Just do it". The finish and design are impeccable.

Arturo Lopez
Excellent Shaves

I only have 2 shaves under my belt but can tell you that the shaves were really good.

No conplaints about loading or unloading a blade even though I always remove them after shaving to prevent tea stains.

I'm really happy with my purchase. Oh, and fast shipping by the way.

Nick F.
Best Razor Money Can Buy!

The Asylum is worth every single penny! I am so glad I decided to purchase. I own a variety of safety razors and shavettes. Including an adjustable razor. Nothing compares to the Asylum. The other reviews are not kidding when this gives you a BBS! I have never had such a close shave. I have very sensitive skin and I am able to to do 3 passes with no irritation. If you are pondering whether to purchase this razor please do yourself a favor and buy it! You will not be let down.

Closest Shave Ever

A few months ago, I bought the Asylum Rx single edge razor and shaved with it a few times. The results were TERRIBLE!! My face was a bloody mess after each shave. Why am I giving my review 5 stars? For my first shaves, I used a Kai Titan Mild blade. Then, on the advice of Bullgoose Shaving's owner, I switched to a blade with a guard; in my case, the Feather Pro-Guard. The shave was the best I have ever had in my over 60 years of shaving. I used two passes; one WTG and the second ATG. The shave was the closest I have ever had and I had no nicks or cuts. Every shave I've had since has been as good as that first one with the Feather Pro-Guard. The Asylum Rx has become my daily go-to razor. If you decide to buy one, I suggest that you buy a pack of Feather Pro-Guard single edge blades as well. That combination as well as not applying virtually any pressure on the razor while shaving should give you the closest shave of your life, just like my shaves.

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