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Polished Asylum Rx SE Razor -New for 2018

Polished Asylum Rx SE Razor -New for 2018

$ 260.00
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New for Spring 2018 -the polished version of the Asylum Rx. The mirror polish is not just for looks -it reduces drag and makes the shave even smoother.

The Asylum Rx Single Edge Razor was designed exclusively for BullGoose Shaving by a product engineer in Los Angeles, Ca. The razor was designed to be nimble, well balanced, highly efficient and consistent -partly attributable to the low profile head and the tongue and groove design that secures the blade and allows the two pieces of the head to slide together elegantly.

The razor is machined out of a solid block of 303 stainless steel to extremely tight tolerances in the heartland of the United States. If you are looking for a razor that can give you a BBS shave in two passes and without irritation, this is your candidate.

The Asylum Rx is designed to be used with the following blades: Kai Titan Mild, Kai Titan Mild with Guard, Kai Titan Original, Feather Professional and Feather Pro-Guard.

Approximate Dimensions:

Total Length: 110mm

Handle Length: 83mm

Total Weight: 112g

Handle Weight: 58.9g

Head Weight: 52.9g


Product of the United States of America

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