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Kai Captain Original Blades -Pack of 20

Kai Captain Original Blades -Pack of 20

$ 23.00

Kai SE blades are known for being extremely sharp and smooth. The Captain Original has proven to be elusive in North America until very recently.

Pack of 20 Blades

Use with:  Asylum Rx, Cobra, Mongoose, Feather Artist Club, Kai, and CJB Shavettes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
No good for me

I wanted to try these blades out and I won’t be using them again. I have used feather pro and pro guard and have gotten good shaves out of them. I wanted to give Kai a try because I’ve heard some good things. I have an above average and corse beard so I thought the Kai Captain regulars would be good for me, wow was I wrong. These blades tug and pull after one pass. They suck. I was able to finish my shave, and apply some witch hazel and proraso balm to save my skin. My skin was all red and not necessarily very irritated but it was irritated enough. I am going to try a Kai Captain Titan mild tonight and see if that works well, if not, it’s back to feather pro and pro guard blades.

Larry Parkhurst
Sharp comfortable blades!

These blades are a great alternate for my Feather Super blades that I use in my Feather DX folding razor. They are a bit aggressive but deliver a clean shave if used in a careful manner. I recommend these blades.

Augustin J.
Great sharpness, but efficient and smooth....

Great blade so far. Wicked sharp if your not careful. But it shaves and cuts through whiskers effortlessly. I've always loved Kai de blades, but these AC style blades are just killer. 6 shaves so far and no signs yet of slowing down, just as good as the first shave. Paired with my Asylum RX, an awesome combo. Worth every penny in my book.

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