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Feather Artist Club Pro Guard Blades

Feather Artist Club Pro Guard Blades

$ 23.50

Artist Club Pro Guard Blades provide the most safety compared to the other Artist Club blades. The blade guard tips are designed half rounded to help glide the blade across the surface. It offers a soft feeling that makes the shaving experience very comfortable. Due to the blade guard, it also provides durability as well as longevity. Available in a 15-blade dispenser. The Pro Guard Blade fits the Artist Club razors as well as the Kai Shavettes. Specifications: 50 mm length 0.15 mm thick 1.2 mm blade exposure Comes in 15-blade dispenser Made from Japanese stainless steel Platinum coated for anti-friction Made in Japan

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

These blades are perfect in my Occam’s Razor!

Steven Kaufman
Feather Pro Guard Artist Club Blade

My Asylum RX SE is a pretty aggressive razor. The Feather Professional blade was difficult for me to control initially. The Pro Guard toned things down enough that I got a great shave with the Asylum.

ProGuards Rock

Like my 33 shaves (and counting), i got 36 shaves from my ASTRA, i went 36 shaves with my ProGuard in my Asylum Rx before i switched from boredom. Might have gone a few more i think. I push the envelope. This on a sensitive skin with coarse beard. The ASTRAS are for in between shaves within 24-30 hours, and the ProGuard my mainstay.

Smooth blades

These blades work extremely well in the Asylum RX razor as mentioned in previous review here by BobH. I normally prefer the AC pro or super pro blades but will continue to use the pro guard blades with my Asylum RX! Thank you Bullgoose!

Most Comfortable Shave Ever!!

I refer you to my review of the Asylum Rx Single Edge Razor found elsewhere on this website. The combination of the Asylum razor and these Feather Pro-Guard blades is the only occasion I have had to use these blades. As I said in the other review, this combination has given me the closest and most comfortable shaves I have experienced in over 60 years of shaving. Each shave is BBS after two passes; one WTG and the second ATG. I heartily recommend these Feather Pro-Guard blades

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