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Rocnel SE50 Artist Club Razor -2022 Model

Rocnel SE50 Artist Club Razor -2022 Model

$ 270.00

The Rocnel SE50 Artist Club razor is back after a four year absence and, it is better than ever. The 2022 version is more nimble and has better balance and production tolerances than the previous generation. This medium aggressive razor can easily deliver a no hassle BBS shave in two passes. 

Blades for the SE50 can be found here

*Please note. Artist club blades may contain trace amounts of carbon and should be removed in between shaves to avoid tea stains. 

Approximate Dimensions:

Overall Weight: 150g

Handle Length: 87.5mm

Handle Diameter: 14.85mm

Handle Weight: 90g

Head Width: 50mm

Head Weight: 60g

Material: 316L Stainless Steel

Product of Turkey

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mohammad Khalifa
Impressive AC SE razor!

The SE50 is an excellent razor. The build quality and machining are outstanding. It's quite heavy but not overly so. I found the loading system to be quite smart and interesting however I didn't think the small screw is the best design choice.
I used a feather proguard blade and I had a wonderful smooth shave. Efficient but very comfortable. Overall I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality AC razor

Maurizio Gentili
Rocnel SE 50 2022 :Superb A.C razor

Beautiful Artist Club razor! Classic Rocnel design!
Tested with Schick proline and Feather professional blade: absolutely smooth and efficient.
Excellent grip.
The Rocnel SE 50 2022 is one of my favorite s.e.
Thanks to Rocnel and Phil!

Joe K
Wow! Excellent razor.

The claim of a 2-pass BBS shave is no joke, this razor is efficient as can be. It's also more aggressive than I'm used to, so a gentle touch is a's a heavy razor, so let its weight and gravity do the work.

The machining and finish are outstanding. The feel in hand is well-balanced and secure.

Is any razor worth nearly $300? I suspect that's a personal judgement to be made by the individual, but I will say it performs at the price point and fits my every expectation. This will be a razor to last the remainder of my lifetime and several beyond that.

Great customer service and shipping from Phil, as always. One of the best vendors in the game.

Tomas Fernandez-Herrerin Santoro
Excelente maquina

Excelente maquina, buen acabado produce unos excelentes afeitados

Jody Newell
Great single edge razor!

I have been wanting to try a single edge razor for some time but the SE razors are almost always out of stock and usually marked way up on eBay. When this model came up for grabs, I jumped on it so that I could try one and pay retail price for it. I have to say, I'm impressed. I have previously used the Feather single edge razors using the traditional shavettes but no matter how hard I tried, I would end up cutting myself slightly with those likely due to my poor technique. Using this razor I am able to use a SE blade in a more traditional format for me and can achieve a perfect BBS shave in 2 passes. When I try a third pass, I end up with a little razor burn/ irritation.
Either way, I like it and have been using it as my primary razor since opening the box.

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