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Merkur 41C 1904 Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor

Merkur 41C 1904 Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor

$ 30.52

With an attractive ornamental pattern in the handle area and a chrome finish, the 41C razor shaves as great as it looks. Modeled after a classic Gillette razor that debuted in 1904, the 41C is the open comb version of this razor.

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Customer Reviews

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Charlie J
Good looking, efficient and smooth!

The solid brass, chrome plated handle is a perfect size for me. It’s nimble and substantial, yet not heavy at all. I dig the old school vibe. It looks great displayed with my other razors. The open comb Merkur head was a revelation to me. I own and use Merkur solid bar heads from time to time; this feels nothing at all like them. Compared to the SB Merkurs, there’s no blade chatter with this open comb design. The shave is very efficient and feels so mild! Unlike other more aggressive open comb razors (vintage Gillettes, MMOC, iKon come to mind) I could get by with using this Merkur 41C daily; it’s that smooth. I’m very pleased with this little gem and highly recommend it if you’re on the fence about adding an open comb razor to your lineup. The low cost is a pleasant bonus. I just don’t see how you can go wrong with the Merkur 41C! As always, quick shipping from BullGoose in a well packed carton. Win, win, win! Thanks Phil =)

Mild Razor

This razor is very mild. It provides good shaves reminiscent of the short comb Gillettes, which it made to to do. I would recommend to someone for their first venture into open comb razors

Ed Pinaud
Not too shabby

A very good razor, but not great. I'd give this razor a "B" on the razor report card. Yes I would recommend it because I do like it and use it in my razor rotation, but I don't use it ever day. It's an EXTREMELY mild razor and you basically can NOT cut yourself with it, no matter how hard you try. I agree with the reviewer that suggested a shim (or two) under the blade to get a closer or more "aggressive" shave. The weight and mirrored chrome polish of the handle is second to none! The razor feels absolutely fantastic in your hand, like a fine precision surgical tool. It is not a cheaply made piece of crap. It is definitely a razor to pass on to a son or grandson and a perfect "first razor" for a person just starting to shave his face.

1 Sweet Razor

The 41C is a really nice mild/medium OC razor, with great face feel. The weight and balance are very good for gents that aren't crazy about heavy-weights. When paired up with a Feather and some slick soap, this becomes "1 Sweet Razor"! If you desire a bit more aggression, toss a shim or two under the Feather blade.

Thomas Scott Jr
Gentle shaver

Great lightweight razor for a new wet shaver. Small and manueverable for touch up work. I can see why this is a classic "1904" tool. I have 3 sons, and this will be the whisker whacker I will start them with. And it gives a nice close razor burn free shave - just be careful because of its light heft not to push too hard.

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