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Merkur 34C HD Double Edge Safety Razor

Merkur 34C HD Double Edge Safety Razor

$ 49.50

Remember when you were a little kid and your mom or dad would buy you a shirt that you would grow into. The Merkur 34C (also known as the Merkur HD) is a lot like that. While it may be ever so slightly too aggressive for the brand new wet shaver, you will quickly grow into it and it will be aggressive enough to suit your needs for years and years to come. The Merkur 34C has long been recommended as the ideal razor for those just starting their wet shaving journey. It is built like a tank, the two piece design is easy to use, and it shaves like a dream. This very well could be the only razor you ever least until the acquisition disorders set in. Product of Germany

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Customer Reviews

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This razor is so good that I bought a second one to keep at my girlfriends place. With either Feather or Astra blades it is agressive enough to give a great shave every day. I never loose my grip on the knurled handle.

Wes DeMoss
Merkur 34C

After having used a 33C for many, many years it finally gave up the ghost (head separated where it screws in) I decided to give the 34C a try. First off it is very smooth, almost too smooth meaning it was not aggressive at all. My first shave was after 4 days growth, it seemed to load up a lot faster than my old 33C which wasn't really a problem but something I noticed. I use Feather blades and would recommend them to new DE shavers with the 34C, it makes a killer combo that shouldn't shred a newby contrary to the 33C which could tear you up if you weren't paying attention starting out. I'll give it a few months and check back in if things change. I like this razor and think it would be a solid piece to add to the arsenal if you don't already have one. Might try an open comb if it's available as just the comb and see how that performs.

George Gilsinan
Merkur 34C HD

I like this razor. It has been a "user friendly", comfortable tool for someone who is new to DE shaving. The razor is well balanced as well as having a good weight and hand feel. I honestly have not had a bad shave with this device. Sometimes, I find that it might not be the most efficient razor for my skin type and beard, (sensitive skin, along with a reasonably fast growing, coarse beard), and at times I also wish the handle was a tad longer. Given my overall experience and even, though I am new to this process, and have a number of other things I want to try, for me, this is definitely a keeper.

Wayne Robbins
10 stars!


Only the best

This is the best razor on the market: German engineering. The weight and balance are perfect. The handle is just right (size, knurlimg), the head is ideal. It shaves like no other. Merkur also offer an open comb razor but that's a more aggressive choice. They also offer a slant, but I would not recommend buying a slant. Once you get used to your 34 C, slanting your shaves will come naturally, not need to buy a razor that does it for you. My razor in the picture is next to a Frank Shaving brush and the excellent Body Shop cream.

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