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Thater Stainless Steel Shaving Brush Stand

Thater Stainless Steel Shaving Brush Stand

$ 48.00
The H.L. Thater Stainless Steel brush stand is the perfect companion for your Thater shaving brush. It looks great and allows your brush to dry without stressing the knot.

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Customer Reviews

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Chris D.
Exactly What I Needed

The Thater stainless steel shaving brush stand can easily accommodate larger brushes, which is the main reason I purchased it. I've been gravitating to 28mm or larger brushes, and this stand fits the bill. Since most of my razors already have a stand, it's nice to be able to display my brushes on their own. I like the brushed stainless steel finish. I find that the edges of the stand are no more sharp than any other brush stand, so the bristles/hairs and finish of your brushes will be fine. Like most Thater products, it's a bit expensive. However, it'll likely be the last shaving brush stand you'll ever need, so it's worth it.

Fabian, New York
Expensive but sexy

Really attractive stand here.
Pros: can easily accommodate larger brushes, looks good, simple design.
Cons: sharp corners can scratch resin handles or natural hairs, angle is pretty flat so not too much drip drying action, expensive.
You can see in the photos how the stand easily upgrades the look of your brush - sexy sleek and masculine! It’s not a cheap plastic one and it can take on big brushes, but at the price that’s where the perks end. And though the fact that the brush can’t hang upside down to dry doesn’t bother me too much, angling it down is fine enough for me. But this is a very expensive stand so I was surprised to feel how sharp the edges of the cut steel feel. I’ve bought a similar stand of same steel that held razor and stand (vertically) at a much lower price AND the edges were all beveled. This makes my brushes look nice, but I am scared of scratching the handles or cutting hairs every time I put a brush on it or pick one up. So I really want to rate it at 3 stars but minus the treatment of the edges this is a refreshing design for a niche of mostly tiny coat racks or boring acrylic stands.

Ben Michaelson
Thater brush and stand

This is a top brush and the stand complements the shaving environment best. I use the Oneblade Genesis and these match well. I am using with shaving soap and it is amazing how well the soft brush lathers.

Function and Style!

This stand was purchased along with a Premium Thater Boar Brush. It has a wonderful presence and style. The material is substantial adding some beneficial weight to keep it planted.Highly recommend as a high end brush rest.

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