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Schick P-30 Proline Artist Club Style Blades -Pack of 30 blades

Schick P-30 Proline Artist Club Style Blades -Pack of 30 blades

$ 23.50

The Schick Proline P-30 blades fit the Asylum Rx, Mongoose and other safety razors that take artist club blades. They also fit both Feather and Kai Shavettes.

30 Blades per cartridge, the Schick Prolines and known for being extremely smooth and sharp.

Product of Japan

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Customer Reviews

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P. Stone
No longer compatible with Blackland Vector

I purchased a new Blackland Vector razor in April of 2022. Unfortunately the Schick P-30 does not fit in it. I contacted Blackland about this and they confirmed that they no longer guarantee the Schick P-30 will fit due to the Schick’s unique hole pattern. Quite unfortunate as this is my favorite blade.

Chris D.
Singular AC Blade

The Schick Proline blades are an excellent choice for your artist club style SE razors. I've found them to be long lasting, smooth, and efficient. I use them in my Rocnel SE-50 and couldn't be happier with them. I initially approached them with some trepidation due to their length, but any anxiety or fear evaporated once I started shaving. I've had few if any nicks, and I've had zero irritation. Highly recommended.

Really sharp blades

Using them with a Blackland Vector open comb, I find these blades very sharp. The Kai Mild with guard gives almost as close a shave and is far more forgiving, so I'm sticking with the Kai as my daily blade

Bryan Lipsen
Schlick single edge blade

The best single edge blade I have tried

Sharp yet smooth blades

These are quite sharp, yet quite smooth, which is a good combination in an artist club blade. I'm not sure they are appreciable better than the Feather Pros or Super Pros, but are clearly good blades. With 20 or so shaves on these blades, I'm enjoying them.

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