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Kai Stainless Steel Double Edge Blades

Kai Stainless Steel Double Edge Blades

$ 3.75

Kai Double Edge Razor Blades are ninja sharp. They are made from high quality, medical grade stainless steel and they provide the user with close and consistent shaves. Product of Japan.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kai Blades

Very good blades. I put them on a level with Feathers but smoother. Bullgoose service was outstanding as usual.

Vyron Ydreos
Kai blades

I had never tried these before and I have enough blades to last me a lifetime but at the promotional price Phil offered them they were hard to pass up. I added them to my rotation but so far I can't tell the difference between them and Feather, which is a great endorsement. If you like Feathers, you'll like these in my opinion. As usual, delivery and follow up from Phil was exemplary.

Donald Pierce
In Between

The Kai stainless blades seem more forgiving than the Feathers and a bit sharper than the Pol Silvers. I will be using these blades a lot. I get three comfortable shaves from a blade.

lime man
Japanese high tech

I've only used these blades 5 times so far. After using only one blade I get the feeling that these blades will be a workhorse in my Mergress.
My go-to blade varies from Polsilver to Gillette silver blues and now these Kai fit in nicely.

Ryan E.
Kia Blade Review

I was impressed by the Kai blades in the light blue box. Sharp and smooth. They might be my runner up to the Astra blades. Good find.

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