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Boellis Panama 1924 Coffret Shave Soap

Boellis Panama 1924 Coffret Shave Soap

$ 95.00

This limited edition ceramic coffret is double fired and hand painted in Italy. Substantial in weight and size, this luxury shave bowl is truly special. Included is one 250g Panama 1924 Shave Soap. Made only of natural substances and good for all skin types, the soap is scented with pure almond. The philosophy of the Panama 1924 line is born out of a careful project of style. A particular style translated with great passion by the skillful hands of craftsmen who take care in every last detail. Because of this, Boellis offers a product compound made only of natural substances that guarantees high quality and studied refinement. Each item is made with exclusive and valuable ingredients that mark every product of the Panama line.


Product of Italy

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Customer Reviews

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Joe K
Beautiful vessel, amazing soap.

I love the ceramic container, it's a wonderful piece of work.

The soap is amazing. Loads up easily and whips into a cushiony and slick lather. If you like Cella or Vito's, Boellis is a no-brainer.

jack goldman

I gave a Boellis Panama coffret to my nephew, here is his review:
Firstly, thank you again.

Secondly, super fancy packaging.

Thirdly, fantastic lather. This is where you can tell the difference in quality immediately.

Fourthly, I think great for warmer weather.

Lastly, I now use this, and Acqua di Parma regularly. I still love XPEC but found myself gravitating towards these two.

Francisco Riveiro
Premiun in every way.

This is for people that had discover in shaving a relaxing activity, a very nice almond scent paired with an excellent performance, and the best presentation I have found in a shave soap.Very satisfied with my purchase.

Great Premium Soap

This was expensive for sure but I’m glad I picked it up. It smells great, the lather is slick and provides nice protection. Packaging is top notch and screams premium…great soap that I would highly recommend. Pick some up when it comes back.

Chris D.
Cool Coffret

The shaving soap-filled coffret from Boellis has been a wonderful introduction to the world of Panama 1924. The coffret itself is a beautiful hand painted ceramic jar that holds a hefty amount of soap. The soap provides a thick, slick lather that results in a comfortable, premium shave. Also, the soap's almond scent is pleasant and fresh. I will say that handling the coffret with great care is a must. It is extremely slippery when wet and soapy, so beware. That's really the only down side I can think of. The premium price is definitely worth it when you consider what you get (a whopping 250g of soap and a piece of hand painted art from Italy!). Highly recommended.

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