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Barbaros TR Razor Handle in 316L Stainless

Barbaros TR Razor Handle in 316L Stainless

$ 70.00

The Barbaros TR razor handle is both elegant and ergonomic. The twist pattern provides a secure grip even with soaps hands.  With the M5 threading, this handle will fit most modern razor heads. 

Approximate Dimensions:

Handle Length: 85mm

Diameter: 14mm

Weight: 83g

Material: 316L Stainless

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael P.
Barbaros TR Razor Handle - Worthy of a second look.

My Barbaros TR razor handle is a " just right " outstanding item and is my daily " go to " choice. My advise is simple , just seek your bliss to find the joy of the wet shave experience. Lastly , I feel that Phil does his best to satisfy your wet shave needs with available product sources from local and abroad.

Billy Shave
Razor handle

This is a beautiful and unique design razor handle that is polished to perfection. While it looks beautiful in my collection I actually use it on several razor heads . Unfortunately this stunning handle is very slippery with soap and water on it making the razor hard to control. It's heavy weight that I normally like just adds to this problem .

Michael P.
Barbaros TR Razor Handle - Reviewed.

This stainless steel handle is a tad high priced , well made to last a life time.

Arley Canterbury
Great Handle for any DE or modern SE razor.

I have admired the Barbaros TR handle for sometime. When I saw that Bullgoose had them available I jumped on the chance.

Thanks Phil for bringing such great quality gear to the USA!!

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